Multi-tenancy is a software development technique in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers, or “tenants.” Each customer has access to their own data and functionality, but shares the same underlying code and platform. Multi-tenancy is a popular approach for software as a service (SaaS) applications, since it allows the provider … Read more


Demutualization is the process of converting a mutual organization, such as a mutual insurance company or a mutual savings bank, into a stock company. A mutual organization is owned by its policyholders or depositors, while a stock company is owned by its shareholders. The primary reason for demutualization is to make the organization more attractive … Read more

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Metadata security

Metadata security refers to the security of data that describes other data. Metadata is often used to describe the structure and content of data, and can include information such as the data’s owner, creation date, and access permissions. Metadata security is important because it can be used to control access to data, and to track … Read more

API management platform

An API management platform is a type of software that helps developers to create, publish, and manage APIs. It provides a central location for all API-related activities, including designing, testing, and securing APIs. Additionally, an API management platform can provide features such as analytics and monitoring to help developers understand how their APIs are being … Read more

Logical implication

In logic, implication is a relation between two propositions that holds true when the first proposition (the premise) is true and the second proposition (the conclusion) is false. In other words, the premises of a true implication must be true, but the conclusion can be either true or false. The term “logical implication” is used … Read more

PPM (pages per minute)

PPM stands for “pages per minute.” This term is used to describe how fast a printer can print. The higher the PPM, the faster the printer can print. What is CPM and PPM in printer? CPM is “cost per thousand impressions” and PPM is “pages per minute”. These are two common measures used to rate … Read more

Airplane mode

Airplane mode is a mode on a mobile device that disables all of the device’s wireless communications. This includes the device’s cellular radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC. Airplane mode is often used when flying on an airplane, as the name suggests, in order to comply with the federal law that requires all electronic devices to … Read more

Password blacklist

A password blacklist is a list of passwords that have been previously guessed or stolen and are therefore known to be insecure. Password blacklists are used as a security measure to prevent users from choosing passwords that are known to be insecure. Password blacklists are typically created by monitoring password guessing attacks and collecting the … Read more


A voxel is a unit of graphical information that typically represents a single point or pixel in a three-dimensional space. Voxels are often used in graphics applications such as video games and 3D printing. What is a pixel vs voxel? A pixel is a single point in a raster image. A raster image is a … Read more


A nanotransistor is a transistor in which at least one dimension of the active region is on the order of one nanometer (10−9 meters). Nanotransistors are a key building block of nanoelectronics, which is an emerging technology that promises to revolutionize electronic devices and circuits. Traditional transistors are made by depositing layers of different materials … Read more