Initial program load (IPL)

The initial program load (IPL) is the process of loading an operating system or application program into a computer’s memory. The IPL is typically initiated by hardware, such as a central processing unit (CPU), a bootstrap loader, or a firmware device. The IPL can also be initiated by software, such as an operating system loader … Read more

In-memory data grid

An in-memory data grid is a type of database management system that stores data in memory instead of on disk. In-memory data grids are often used for high-performance applications that require quick access to data. In-memory data grids typically have a distributed architecture, meaning that they are composed of multiple nodes, or servers, that work … Read more

Document reader

A document reader is a device used to read electronic documents. There are many different types of document readers, including those that read e-books, PDFs, and other types of documents. Some document readers are standalone devices, while others are built into computers or other devices. Which document reader is best? There is no simple answer … Read more