Critical infrastructure security

Critical infrastructure security refers to the security of systems and assets that are essential to the functioning of a society or enterprise. These systems and assets may include, but are not limited to, communications, transportation, energy, financial, and government systems. The security of critical infrastructure is a shared responsibility among all levels of government, the … Read more

Unknown unknown

The term “Unknown unknown” refers to risks that are not known to us, and which we may not even be aware of. These are the risks that can catch us by surprise and which can have a major impact on our organisation. Unknown unknowns can be particularly dangerous because they can lead to serious problems … Read more

TED talk

A TED talk is a presentation given at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference, an annual event held in various locations around the world. The talks are typically about 18 minutes long and are given by a diverse range of speakers, including scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and humanitarian activists. The TED conference was founded in 1984 … Read more


HDMI is a digital interface for transmitting audio and video signals. It is used in a variety of electronic devices, including televisions, laptops, and video game consoles. HDMI supports high-definition video and audio, and can be used to connect a variety of devices to each other. Are there 2 types of HDMI cables? Yes, there … Read more