Empirical analysis

Empirical analysis is a type of research that relies on data that is collected from experiments or observations. This data is then used to draw conclusions about a particular topic. Empirical analysis is often used in fields such as economics, sociology, and psychology. Correspondingly, how do you perform an empirical analysis? When you want to … Read more


Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between mobile phones. The term was first coined in 2005, and is a combination of the words sex and texting. Sexting can be considered a form of online sexual harassment, as it is often used to send unsolicited and unwelcome sexual content. … Read more

Digital wellbeing

Digital wellbeing is a term used to describe the state of mind achieved when someone is living a healthy and balanced life in the digital world. This includes maintaining healthy relationships with technology, managing screen time, and using social media in a positive way. Do I need Digital Wellbeing on my phone? There is no … Read more

Internet of Vehicles (IoV)

The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is a term used to describe the network of physical objects and vehicles that are connected to the Internet. This network is made up of sensors and devices that collect and share data about the location, speed, and condition of the objects and vehicles. The data is then used to … Read more

Internet shill

An Internet shill is a person who poses as a satisfied customer or enthusiastic supporter of a company, product, service, or idea in order to generate interest in it. Shills are often employed by the company itself, but they can also be hired by third parties to create buzz or support a political agenda. The … Read more

Bell curve

A bell curve is a statistical curve that is symmetrical around a central point, and which tapers off at either end. The term is often used in reference to IQ scores, which are often distributed in a bell-shaped curve. What are the characteristics of a bell curve? A bell curve is a graphical representation of … Read more

Four Ps

The term “Four Ps” is an acronym for “Product, Price, Promotion, and Place.” The Four Ps are the four key elements of a marketing mix, and they are often used to define the marketing strategy for a product or service. Product refers to the physical product or service that is being offered. Price is the … Read more

Sock puppet marketing

Sock puppet marketing is the use of multiple online identities to artificially create the impression of widespread support for a product or service. This is done by creating multiple accounts on social media or other online platforms, and using those accounts to post positive reviews or comments about the product or service. The aim is … Read more

Above the fold

Above the fold is a term used to describe the portion of a web page that is visible to the user without scrolling. This term is often used in relation to web design and usability, as it is important to ensure that the most important content is visible “above the fold” so that users don’t … Read more

Market share

Market share refers to the percentage of total sales for a particular product or service that is owned by a particular company. For example, if Company A has a 40% market share for a particular product, it means that Company A has 40% of the total sales for that product. What is market share and … Read more