Memory read error

A memory read error occurs when a computer attempts to read data from memory but the data is not there. This can be caused by a number of things, including a faulty memory chip, a problem with the memory controller, or a problem with the motherboard. Memory read errors can be very difficult to troubleshoot … Read more

IT as a Service (ITaaS)

IT as a Service (ITaaS) is a term for a new delivery model for IT services that is becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes. In this model, IT services are delivered as a pay-as-you-go, on-demand service, much like other utility services such as electricity or water. This delivery model has a number of … Read more

Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)

An Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is a contract between Oracle and a customer that provides for the customer to receive an unlimited number of Oracle software licenses for a set period of time, usually three to five years. The customer pays a set fee upfront, and then pays an annual maintenance fee that covers … Read more

Mobile application manager (MAM)

A mobile application manager (MAM) is a software program that enables an enterprise to securely and efficiently manage mobile applications. MAM provides a centralized repository for mobile applications, as well as the ability to distribute, install, update, and remove mobile applications from devices. MAM also provides security features such as application-level encryption and the ability … Read more

Dynamic case management (DCM)

Dynamic case management (DCM) is a methodology used to manage workflows and processes. It is a flexible approach that allows for changes to be made to the process as needed, making it an ideal solution for businesses that need to be able to adapt quickly to changes in the environment. DCM is a relatively new … Read more

JeOS (just enough operating system)

The term “JeOS” stands for “just enough operating system”. JeOS is a type of operating system that is designed to be as small and efficient as possible. JeOS is typically used for embedded systems or virtual appliances. What is the most obscure operating system? The most obscure operating system is probably one that is no … Read more

ISO/IEC 38500

ISO/IEC 38500 is an international standard for the governance of information technology (IT). It was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and was first published in 2006. The standard provides guidance on the principles of good governance of IT and on the roles and responsibilities of those … Read more

Seven wastes

The seven wastes are a classification of manufacturing defects identified by Taiichi Ohno, the Japanese industrial engineer who pioneered the Toyota Production System. The wastes are: 1. Overproduction 2. Inventory 3. Motion 4. Transportation 5. Waiting 6. Over-processing 7. Defects The wastes are also sometimes referred to as the “Ohno circle” or the “Toyota production … Read more

Shrink wrap license

A shrink wrap license is a type of software license that is often found on commercially packaged software. The license is typically printed on a label or sticker on the software packaging and is agreed to by the user during the installation process. The terms of a shrink wrap license may vary, but often include … Read more

Microsoft Live Mesh

Microsoft Live Mesh is a software application that allows users to synchronize data across multiple devices. It is designed to work with Windows-based PCs, smartphones, and other devices. Live Mesh also provides a platform for developers to create applications that can take advantage of the synchronization capabilities. Is Microsoft Mesh free? No, Microsoft Mesh is … Read more