“Softlifting” is the term used to describe the illegal reproduction and distribution of software. This can happen when someone makes a copy of a software program and gives it to someone else, without the permission of the copyright holder. It can also happen when someone downloads a copy of a program from the internet and … Read more

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HP Enterprise, HPE)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a global technology company that provides products, services, and solutions to business and government customers. HPE’s product portfolio includes servers, storage, networking, software, and services. The company’s services include support and training, as well as consulting and integration. HPE also offers financing and leasing services. HPE was formed in 2015, … Read more

WYSIWYP (what you see is what you print)

The term “WYSIWYP (what you see is what you print)” refers to a principle in software asset management that states that the software should be designed and operated in such a way that the final output is always an accurate representation of the input. This principle is important in ensuring that software assets are properly … Read more

Stack overflow

Stack overflow is a term used to describe a situation where a program tries to push data onto a full stack, or where the stack pointer exceeds the stack’s bounds. This can cause the program to crash, or to corrupt other parts of memory. Who uses Stack Overflow? Stack Overflow is used by developers to … Read more

Virtual browser

A virtual browser is a web browser that is running on a server, rather than on a user’s local computer. Virtual browsers can be used to access web-based applications, such as those that are used for online banking or shopping. Virtual browsers are often used in situations where it is important to ensure that the … Read more

Memory read error

A memory read error occurs when a computer attempts to read data from memory but the data is not there. This can be caused by a number of things, including a faulty memory chip, a problem with the memory controller, or a problem with the motherboard. Memory read errors can be very difficult to troubleshoot … Read more

Seven wastes

The seven wastes are a classification of manufacturing defects identified by Taiichi Ohno, the Japanese industrial engineer who pioneered the Toyota Production System. The wastes are: 1. Overproduction 2. Inventory 3. Motion 4. Transportation 5. Waiting 6. Over-processing 7. Defects The wastes are also sometimes referred to as the “Ohno circle” or the “Toyota production … Read more

Shrink wrap license

A shrink wrap license is a type of software license that is often found on commercially packaged software. The license is typically printed on a label or sticker on the software packaging and is agreed to by the user during the installation process. The terms of a shrink wrap license may vary, but often include … Read more

Microsoft Live Mesh

Microsoft Live Mesh is a software application that allows users to synchronize data across multiple devices. It is designed to work with Windows-based PCs, smartphones, and other devices. Live Mesh also provides a platform for developers to create applications that can take advantage of the synchronization capabilities. Is Microsoft Mesh free? No, Microsoft Mesh is … Read more

Standard operating environment (SOE)

A standard operating environment (SOE) is a set of standardized software and hardware components that are used across an organization. SOE components are typically chosen for their compatibility with each other and with other software and hardware components in the organization. The purpose of a standard operating environment is to reduce the complexity of an … Read more