Logical unit (LU)

In a computer network, a logical unit (LU) is a software component that provides a specific function or service. LUs are typically part of a larger network software system, and they can communicate with each other to perform their tasks. LUs are often used to abstract away the details of a particular network protocol or … Read more

Self-sending spam

Self-sending spam is a type of spam where the sender includes their own email address in the To: or Cc: fields in order to receive a copy of the message. This is often done in order to increase the chances that the message will be opened, as the recipient may think that the email is … Read more

Liaison officer

A liaison officer is a professional who acts as a communication and coordination link between two organizations. Liaison officers may be stationed at the headquarters of one of the organizations, or may travel between the two organizations as needed. They typically have a deep knowledge of both organizations and their respective goals, and work to … Read more