Release train engineer (RTE)

A release train engineer (RTE) is a professional who is responsible for managing and coordinating the release of software products. They work with development, QA, and operations teams to ensure that new releases are properly planned and executed. RTEs also help to troubleshoot and resolve issues that may arise during the release process. Moreover, what … Read more

Liaison officer

A liaison officer is a professional who acts as a communication and coordination link between two organizations. Liaison officers may be stationed at the headquarters of one of the organizations, or may travel between the two organizations as needed. They typically have a deep knowledge of both organizations and their respective goals, and work to … Read more

Microlearning (microtraining)

Microlearning is a training technique that delivers content in short, focused bursts. It is designed to help learners absorb and retain information more effectively by breaking down complex topics into manageable pieces. Microlearning can take many different forms, but all share the common goal of helping learners focus on a specific task or concept. common … Read more

Chief product officer (CPO)

A chief product officer (CPO) is an executive responsible for the strategy, roadmap, and success of a company’s products and services. The CPO position is a relatively new role that has emerged as companies have placed increasing importance on product management. A CPO typically reports to the CEO and is responsible for leading the product … Read more