Data protection officer (DPO)

A data protection officer (DPO) is a person who is responsible for ensuring that an organization complies with data protection laws and regulations. The role of a DPO includes: -Developing and implementing data protection policies and procedures -Monitoring compliance with data protection laws and regulations – Investigating data breaches – Advising senior management on data … Read more

Data Transfer Project (DTP)

The Data Transfer Project (DTP) is a initiative led by Google with the participation of Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter with the goal of developing a common infrastructure for the transfer of data between platforms. The project is based on the premise that users should be able to move their data between different online services without … Read more

Data exfiltration (data extrusion)

Data exfiltration, also known as data extrusion, is the unauthorized transfer of data from a computer system. This can be done either through physical means, such as copying data to a removable storage device, or through network means, such as sending data over the internet. Data exfiltration can be used to steal confidential information, to … Read more

Uplift modeling

Uplift modeling is a statistical technique used to estimate the incremental effect of a treatment, policy, or other intervention. Uplift models predict the probability that a target unit will respond to an intervention, and can be used to identify the target units most likely to respond. Uplift models are used in a variety of fields, … Read more

United States Census

The United States Census is the process of counting the population of the United States. This process is conducted every ten years, and the results are used to determine the number of seats each state has in the House of Representatives. The data collected in the census is also used to distribute federal funds to … Read more

Reference data

Reference data is data that is used to identify a particular record or entity within a dataset. This data can be used to cross-reference other data, or to provide additional context for analysis. For example, a reference dataset may contain customer IDs, product IDs, or geographic codes that can be used to link to other … Read more

Apache Parquet

Apache Parquet is a columnar storage format for Hadoop. Parquet is a columnar storage format for Hadoop that uses the concept of nested data structures to provide efficient compression and encoding of data. A Parquet file consists of a header followed by a series of blocks. Each block contains a compressed chunk of data. The … Read more

Data virtualization software

Data virtualization software is a type of software that allows users to access and manipulate data stored in a virtual environment. This type of software is often used by businesses to allow employees to access data from multiple locations, or to allow customers to access data from a remote location. Data virtualization software can also … Read more

Support vector machine (SVM)

A support vector machine (SVM) is a supervised learning algorithm that can be used for both classification and regression tasks. The algorithm is based on finding a hyperplane that best separates the data into two classes. In order to find the hyperplane, the SVM algorithm first creates a set of possible hyperplanes, and then chooses … Read more

Golden record

A golden record is a single, consolidated view of an entity that contains the most accurate and complete information about that entity. A golden record can be used to provide a consistent view of an entity across different systems and can serve as the authoritative source of information for an organization. The term is often … Read more