Data exfiltration (data extrusion)

Data exfiltration, also known as data extrusion, is the unauthorized transfer of data from a computer system. This can be done either through physical means, such as copying data to a removable storage device, or through network means, such as sending data over the internet. Data exfiltration can be used to steal confidential information, to … Read more

Colored coin

A colored coin is a digital asset that is attached to a blockchain and represents a real-world asset. The asset can be anything, such as a currency, commodity, or even a piece of property. Colored coins are similar to regular cryptocurrency coins, except that they have an extra data layer that allows them to be … Read more

Digital projector (digital projection display system)

A digital projector is a projection display system that uses digital light processing (DLP) technology to project images. Digital projectors are used in a variety of settings, including business presentations, school classrooms, and home theaters. Digital projectors create an image by shining a light onto a digital micromirror device (DMD). The DMD is a chip … Read more