Fileless malware attack

Fileless malware attack is a type of malware attack where the malware is injected into the memory of a legitimate process, without leaving any traces on the disk. The malware can persist even after a reboot, as it is not stored on the disk. Fileless malware attacks are difficult to detect and remove, as they … Read more

Windows 2

0. Windows 2.0 was the second release of Microsoft Windows, released on December 9, 1987. This release was designed to work with the new IBM PS/2 line of computers, and included several new features such as cooperative multitasking, expanded memory support, new keyboard shortcuts, and improved graphics and mouse support. Windows 2.0 was also the … Read more

Parent company

A parent company is a company that owns another company. The parent company is the larger company and the company that is owned is the smaller company. The parent company has control over the smaller company. What is a parent company example? A parent company is a company that owns or controls another company. The … Read more

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