Compute Card (Intel Compute Card)

The Intel Compute Card is a small form factor device that is designed for easy integration into a variety of OEM devices and systems. The compute card offers all the compute and graphical performance of a 6th Gen Intel Core processor in a compact, power-efficient form factor that is smaller than a credit card. The … Read more

3-D browser

A 3-D browser is a software application that allows users to view and interact with three-dimensional (3-D) content on the web. 3-D browsers are used to create and view 3-D models of objects, landscapes, and buildings. They can also be used to view and interact with three-dimensional (3-D) simulations and animations. How do I enable … Read more

Distributed cache

A distributed cache is a type of cache that is spread across multiple computers in a network. It is used to improve the performance of applications by storing frequently accessed data in a central location that can be accessed by all computers in the network. Distributed caches are often used in web applications to store … Read more