Behavioral economics

Behavioral economics is the study of how people make economic decisions. It combines elements of psychology and economics to understand why people make the choices they do, and how those choices affect the economy. Behavioral economics has its roots in the work of early economists, such as Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill, who recognized … Read more

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A netbook is a small, lightweight, and inexpensive laptop designed for basic web browsing and email. Netbooks typically have less storage and processing power than full-sized laptops, and they often do not include an optical drive. Netbooks first became popular in 2008, when they were introduced as an alternative to larger, more expensive laptops. Today, … Read more


A finger is a network protocol used to obtain information about a particular user on a remote system. The most common use for finger is to determine whether a particular user is logged into the system. The finger protocol is defined in RFC 1288. The finger protocol works by connecting to the finger port ( … Read more