The word “safari” is of Swahili origin, and it means “journey.” It is often used to refer to a trip or expedition, especially one that involves travelling to a foreign or exotic location. In the context of Apple products, Safari is the name of the company’s web browser. first released in 2003. Safari is pre-installed … Read more

Air gapping (air gap attack)

Air gapping is the process of physically isolating a computer or network from unsecured networks, such as the Internet. Air gapping is used as a security measure to prevent sensitive data from being exposed to potential threats, such as malware or hackers. Air gapping can be achieved by physically separating the computer or network from … Read more


An algorithm is a set of instructions or a step-by-step process for solving a problem or completing a task. Algorithms are usually written in a specific language that can be understood by computers. What is a simple definition of an algorithm? An algorithm is a set of instructions or rules that are followed in order … Read more

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a free and open-source operating system for personal computers based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Linux Mint provides a more complete out-of-the-box experience by including additional software that most users will want, such as a office suite, media players and more. Linux Mint is also one of the most popular distributions of … Read more