Easter Egg

An Easter egg is a hidden message or image that can be found in a computer program, video game, or other media. The term was first used to describe a hidden message in the 1979 video game Adventure, but has since been used to refer to anything from hidden images to secret codes. Easter eggs … Read more


A motif is a recurring image, concept, or structure in a work of art. Motifs can be literal, such as a flower in a painting, or symbolic, such as a lion in a medieval tapestry. A work of art may have multiple motifs, which can be combined or used in different ways throughout the work. … Read more

Functional requirements

Functional requirements are a set of characteristics that a system or component must possess in order to be able to perform its required functions. In the context of electronics, these requirements may include such things as the voltage and current that a power supply must be able to provide, the maximum frequency that a signal … Read more