Automated Clearing House fraud (ACH fraud)

ACH fraud is a type of fraud that occurs when an unauthorized person or entity gains access to a victim’s bank account information and uses it to initiate unauthorized ACH transactions. These transactions can be either ACH debits, which withdraw funds from the account, or ACH credits, which deposit funds into the account. ACH fraud … Read more


Susceptance is a measure of how easily a material can be magnetized. The higher the susceptance, the more easily the material can be magnetized. The susceptibility of a material is usually expressed as a ratio of the magnetic flux density to the applied magnetic field. For example, a material with a susceptibility of 2.5 would … Read more

Voice dial

Voice dial is a feature found on many cell phones and other mobile devices that allows the user to place a call by speaking the name of the person they want to call. The voice dial feature is usually activated by pressing a button on the phone or by saying a special word or phrase. … Read more