Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)

A Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) is a corporate executive responsible for protecting the privacy of an organization’s customers, employees and other stakeholders. The CPO is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s data collection, storage, use and disclosure practices comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The CPO also works with the organization’s marketing, product development … Read more

Knowledge base

A knowledge base is a collection of information that is organized and easy to search. It can be used to store information about a particular subject or topic, or it can be used as a general reference tool. Knowledge bases can be created and maintained by individuals or by organizations. What is the purpose of … Read more

One-socket server

A one-socket server is a server that only has one CPU socket. This means that there is only one CPU chip installed in the server, and that all of the server’s processing power comes from that one chip. One-socket servers are typically less expensive than multi-socket servers, but they are also less powerful. What is … Read more