LPT (line print terminal)

A line print terminal (LPT) is a type of computer printer that uses a technology called line printing. Line printing is a printing technology where each line of text is printed one at a time, as opposed to more traditional printing technologies like inkjet or laser printing where an entire page is printed at once.

LPTs are often used in industrial or commercial settings where high printing speeds are required, such as in printing labels or barcodes. Which port is LPT1? LPT1 is a parallel port typically used to connect a printer to a computer. The port is usually located on the back of the computer, and the cable connecting the printer to the port is typically colored red. What is LPT and COM port? LPT and COM ports are used to connect external devices to a computer. LPT ports are used for devices such as printers, while COM ports are used for devices such as modems.

What is line print terminal? A line print terminal (LPT) is a type of computer printer that uses a rolls of paper instead of individual sheets. The paper is fed through the printer one line at a time, and the printer prints one line of text on each line of paper. Line print terminals were once very common in businesses and government offices, but they have largely been replaced by more modern printers.

How do I connect my LPT printer?

In order to connect your LPT printer, you will need to purchase a USB-to-LPT converter. These can be found online or at your local computer store. Once you have the converter, simply connect the USB end to your computer and the LPT end to your printer. Is LPT port same as USB? No, LPT ports and USB ports are not the same. LPT ports are older and less commonly used than USB ports. USB ports are faster and can provide more power than LPT ports.