VDT (video display terminal, visual display terminal)

A video display terminal (VDT) is a type of computer terminal that displays text and graphics on a video screen. VDTs are also known as visual display terminals.

Early VDTs were used primarily for text-based applications such as word processing and data entry. However, VDTs are now frequently used for a wide range of applications including email, Web browsing, and computer-aided design (CAD).

VDTs typically consist of a video screen, a keyboard, and a pointing device such as a mouse or trackball. Some VDTs also include a printer.

VDTs are used in a variety of settings including office work, education, and gaming.

What a symptom are caused by use of video display terminal VDT )?

There are a variety of symptoms that have been associated with the use of video display terminals (VDTs). These symptoms include:

-Eye strain
-Neck pain
-Shoulder pain
-Wrist pain

These symptoms are often caused by the user's posture while using the VDT, as well as the position of the VDT itself. Poor posture and an incorrect position of the VDT can lead to muscle strain and tension, which can in turn lead to the aforementioned symptoms. What is video visual display? Video visual display refers to the electronic devices that are used to display video images. These devices include televisions, computer monitors, and mobile phone displays.

What are video terminals?

A video terminal is a device that displays text and/or graphics on a screen and/or prints them on paper. The text and/or graphics are generated by a computer.

There are two main types of video terminals: character-based and graphical. Character-based video terminals are also known as text-based or line-oriented terminals. They display text one line at a time and do not display graphics. Graphical video terminals can display both text and graphics.

Some video terminals can also be used as input devices, allowing a user to enter text and/or graphical data into a computer. Video terminals that can be used as input devices are also known as graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Is VDT input device? No, a VDT is not an input device. It is a visual display terminal, which is a type of output device. What is video display units? A video display unit (VDU) is a piece of computer hardware that is used to display text, graphics and video information. The most common type of VDU is a monitor or a television screen. VDUs typically come with a variety of input and output ports that allow them to be connected to a computer or other video source.