Google Alert

A Google Alert is a service offered by the search engine Google that allows users to receive email notifications whenever new content that includes specified keywords is indexed by Google. This can be used, for example, to monitor a particular news story or to keep track of mentions of a particular company or product.

What happens when you get a Google alert?

When you set up a Google Alert, you specify the terms you want to be alerted about, and the type of results you want to see. You can choose to receive your alerts as soon as they happen, or once a day or week.

If you're looking for real-time results, Google Alerts will send you an email as soon as it finds new results that match your terms. If you choose to receive your alerts once a day or week, you'll get an email with the most recent results for your terms. Is Google Alert free? Yes, Google Alert is free. You can sign up for a free account and create alerts for specific keywords.

Where are my Google Alerts?

There are two ways to access your Google Alerts. The first is to go to the Google Alerts website, and the second is to use the Google Alerts app.

On the Google Alerts website, you will see a list of your alerts, which you can edit, delete, or pause. You can also create a new alert from this page.

To access the Google Alerts app, open the Google app on your mobile device and tap the three lines in the top left corner. Tap "More," and then tap "Alerts." From here, you can manage your alerts and create new ones. Can you see if someone Googles your name? It is not currently possible to see if someone Googles your name unless you have access to that person's Google account. However, there are some workarounds that may give you similar information. For example, you could set up Google Alerts for your name and receive an email notification any time your name is mentioned online. You could also use a service like Pipl to perform a search for your name and see what comes up. Do you need a Google account to set up a Google Alert? No, you do not need a Google account to set up a Google Alert.