Google Now

Google Now is a feature of the Google Search app for Android and iOS. It provides Google users with information that is contextualized to their current location, time, and situation. Google Now also proactively delivers information to users that it predicts they will want, based on their search history, location, and other factors. What is Google Now called now? Google Now is a voice-activated assistant that provides contextual information based on your current location and search history.

What is Google Now app?

The Google Now app is a voice-activated assistant that provides you with information based on your current location, schedule, and search history. You can ask Google Now questions such as "What's the weather like today?" or "What's the traffic like on my way to work?" and it will provide you with the answer. The app also includes a widget that you can add to your home screen to provide quick access to information such as the current weather, your upcoming calendar events, and more.

Is Google Now and Google Assistant same?

Google Now and Google Assistant are not the same. Google Now is a voice assistant that was launched in 2012. It allows users to ask questions and perform tasks using natural language voice commands. Google Assistant is a newer voice assistant that was launched in 2016. It has more features than Google Now, including the ability to have a two-way conversation with the user.

What replaced Google Now?

There are a few possible answers to this question, as Google Now has been succeeded by a few different products over the years. The most recent replacement for Google Now is the Google Assistant, which was first released in 2016. Prior to that, Google Now was succeeded by the Google Now Launcher, which was released in 2014.

How do I activate Google Now on my Samsung?

1. On your Samsung device, open the Google app.

2. Tap the Menu icon (three lines in the top left corner of the screen).

3. Tap the Settings icon (the gear icon).

4. Tap Voice.

5. Tap "Ok Google" detection.

6. Turn on the "From the Google app" and "From any screen" options.

7. You will be prompted to say "Ok Google" two times. Do so clearly and loudly.

8. Once you have finished, you will be able to activate Google Now by saying "Ok Google" from the Google app or from any screen on your device.