Earned media management (EMM)

EMM is a process of managing and monitoring earned media coverage in order to create and maintain a favorable reputation for a brand or organization. The goal of EMM is to track, analyze, and respond to earned media coverage in a way that positively impacts the brand or organization's reputation.

EMM begins with tracking all instances of earned media coverage. This can be done manually, but there are also software platforms that can help with this process. Once earned media coverage is tracked, it can be analyzed to see what kind of impact it is having on the brand or organization's reputation. Finally, EMM involves responding to earned media coverage in a way that will further improve the brand or organization's reputation.

Earned media management is a critical part of reputation management, and can be used to proactively improve a brand or organization's reputation.

How do you calculate earned media? To calculate earned media, you will need to measure the amount of publicity your company or brand has received through word-of-mouth or buzz. This can be done by tracking the number of mentions your company or brand receives online, in the news, or on social media. You can also track the number of people talking about your company or brand, or the number of times your company or brand is mentioned in a positive light.

What is the purpose of earned media?

The purpose of earned media is to create a relationship between the company and its customers. By providing customers with valuable content, companies can build trust and credibility. Additionally, earned media can help companies to target their marketing efforts and connect with customers on a more personal level.

Can you control earned media? Yes, you can control earned media to some extent. You can use various marketing tools and strategies to influence what people say about your brand online. However, you can't completely control the conversation, and you can't always guarantee that the conversation will be positive.

What are 4 types of media?

There are four main types of media:

1. Traditional media: This includes print media (newspapers, magazines, etc.), broadcast media (television and radio), and outdoor media (billboards, posters, etc.).

2. Digital media: This includes all forms of online media, such as website banner ads, social media posts, online video content, and email marketing campaigns.

3. Direct marketing: This involves direct communication with potential customers, such as through direct mail, telemarketing, or door-to-door sales.

4. Experiential marketing: This involves creating immersive and interactive experiences for potential customers, such as through trade show booths, pop-up shops, and product demonstrations.

What are the 3 types of media?

1. Social Media
2. Email Marketing
3. Traditional Media