Memory refers to the physical devices used to store data or programs on a computer. Common types of memory devices include RAM, ROM, flash memory, and EEPROM. Memory is often categorized by its speed, with faster types of memory being more expensive than slower types. What are the 3 types of memory? The three types … Read more

ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape)

ADAT is a type of digital audio tape (DAT) developed by Alesis. It uses 8-track format and records at a sampling rate of 48 kHz with a bit depth of 16 bits. ADAT tapes are compatible with many popular DAT machines, making them a popular choice for professional studios. When did the Alesis ADAT come … Read more

Read-only memory (ROM)

ROM is a type of non-volatile memory that stores data and programs permanently. It cannot be modified or deleted by the user. Is ROM read only? Yes, ROM is read only. This is because ROM is a type of non-volatile memory, which means that it retains its data even when the power is turned off. … Read more