PPM (pages per minute)

PPM stands for “pages per minute.” This term is used to describe how fast a printer can print. The higher the PPM, the faster the printer can print. What is CPM and PPM in printer? CPM is “cost per thousand impressions” and PPM is “pages per minute”. These are two common measures used to rate … Read more

Thermal transfer printer

A thermal transfer printer is a type of printer that uses heat to transfer ink to paper. Thermal transfer printers are often used for printing labels and other materials that need to be durable and resistant to smudging or fading. Is thermal transfer printer good? A thermal transfer printer is a type of printer that … Read more

Printer pool

A printer pool is a group of printers that are physically connected to a single computer. The computer is responsible for managing the print jobs sent to the printer pool. This allows multiple users to share a single printer, which can be helpful in a work environment where multiple users need to print documents. How … Read more

Port replicator

A port replicator is a device that allows multiple devices to be connected to a single port. This can be useful for connecting multiple devices to a single computer or for connecting a device to multiple computers. Whats the difference between a docking station and a port replicator? A docking station typically provides more ports … Read more

Print bed

The print bed is the platform on a 3D printer where the material is printed. The print bed is generally made of a flat, heat-resistant material that can support the molten material as it is printed. The material is generally heated to help the material adhere to the bed and to prevent warping. What is … Read more

Rafts, skirts and brims

Rafts, skirts and brims are all terms used to describe the various parts of a printing plate. The raft is the main body of the plate, while the skirt is the raised edge that surrounds the perimeter of the plate. The brim is the narrow strip of material that runs around the edge of the … Read more

Spool (simultaneous peripheral operations online)

A spool is a temporary storage area for data. When you print a document, the data is stored in the spool until the printer is ready for it. This way, you can continue working on your computer while the document is printing. What is an example of spooling? Spooling is a technique for storing data … Read more