Email security gateway

An email security gateway is a network security appliance that inspects and filters email traffic to and from an organization. It is designed to protect email servers and users from email-borne threats, such as spam, phishing, and viruses. The email security gateway may be deployed as a hardware appliance, a virtual appliance, or a cloud-based … Read more


A blacklist is a list of entities that are not allowed to access a computer system or network. Blacklists are used to protect against unauthorized access, malicious software, and spam. Why is Blacklist Not on Netflix? There are a few reasons why Blacklist is not on Netflix. One reason is that the show is not … Read more

Deception technology

Deception technology is a type of security measure that is designed to mislead attackers and make them believe that they have accessed a system or network when in fact they have not. This can be done by creating false data, hiding legitimate data, or redirecting traffic to a different location. The goal of deception technology … Read more

Kerckhoff’s principle

Kerckhoff’s principle, also known as the principle of least secrecy, states that a cryptosystem should be secure even if everything about the system, except the key, is public knowledge. The principle is named after Auguste Kerckhoff, who first stated it in 1883. Kerckhoff’s principle is often misinterpreted as meaning that security should not depend on … Read more

Vulnerability management planning

Vulnerability management planning is a process of identifying, classifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and software applications. The goal of vulnerability management planning is to reduce the risk of exploitation of vulnerabilities by creating and maintaining a schedule of security updates and patches. The first step in vulnerability management planning is to identify … Read more

Password strength meter

A password strength meter is a tool that measures the strength of a password. The strength of a password is determined by its length, complexity, and uniqueness. The longer the password, the more complex it can be, and the more unique it is, the stronger it is. A password strength meter can be a useful … Read more

Active reconnaissance

Active reconnaissance is a type of security testing that involves actively interacting with a system in order to gather information about it. This can be done in a number of ways, such as trying to login to a system with various username and password combinations, or running a port scan to see which ports are … Read more

Virus signature (virus definition)

A virus signature is a unique identifier that is used to identify a specific virus or group of viruses. Virus signatures are often used by antivirus software to detect and remove viruses from a computer. Why is virus signature used? Virus signatures are used to detect and remove viruses from a computer or network. They … Read more

Sender ID

The term “Sender ID” refers to the identification of the sender of a message. This can be done in a number of ways, but is typically done by looking at the message headers. The sender’s ID can be used to track down the source of spam or other malicious messages, and can also be used … Read more

SS7 attack

An SS7 attack is a type of network attack that exploits a flaw in the Signaling System 7 (SS7) protocol to gain access to the victim’s text messages, calls, and location data. The attacker does not need to be on the same network as the victim; all that is required is access to an SS7 … Read more