Image map

An image map is an image that contains one or more clickable areas, also known as “hotspots”. When a user clicks on a hotspot, they are taken to a new page or file. Image maps can be used to create menus, image galleries, or anything else that requires a clickable image. What is image map … Read more

Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality is a term used by Microsoft to describe its vision of a future where physical and virtual worlds will merge, allowing people to interact with both in a more natural way. The company is working on a range of technologies to make this happen, including HoloLens, which is a headset that allows … Read more


Dyslexie is a type of dyslexia that affects people’s ability to read and write. It is characterized by difficulty in reading and writing words, and by problems with phonemic awareness, phonology, and word decoding. People with dyslexie often have difficulty with some of the following: knowing the alphabet, being able to read quickly, reading aloud, … Read more