The term “nettop” is used to describe a low-powered, low-cost computer that is designed to be used as a network appliance. Nettops are often used to provide basic network services, such as file sharing or print services, and are often used in place of more expensive and power-hungry desktop computers. Nettops are also sometimes used … Read more

Twitter essay

A Twitter essay is a short, 140-character message that conveys a complete thought. Twitter essays can be about any topic, but are typically used to share opinions or ideas about current events. Twitter essays are a popular way to share thoughts and opinions on the social media platform Twitter. Regarding this, what is twitter in … Read more

Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality is a term used by Microsoft to describe its vision of a future where physical and virtual worlds will merge, allowing people to interact with both in a more natural way. The company is working on a range of technologies to make this happen, including HoloLens, which is a headset that allows … Read more