Von Neumann bottleneck

The Von Neumann bottleneck is a limitation of traditional computer architectures that occurs when the CPU (central processing unit) is required to both perform calculations and access memory. This can lead to a bottleneck in the system as the CPU can only perform one task at a time. One way to overcome the Von Neumann … Read more


Pipelining is the process of passing data from one stage of a process to the next stage in a series, without waiting for the previous stage to complete. This can be used in hardware, such as processors, or in software. Pipelining is often used in processors, where each stage in the pipeline is responsible for … Read more

New media

New media refers to a range of digital media technologies that are used to create, store, distribute, and consume content. The term encompasses everything from traditional media such as books and newspapers, to new digital media such as social media, blogs, and websites. New media has transformed the way we communicate and consume information. It … Read more