Internet shill

An Internet shill is a person who poses as a satisfied customer or enthusiastic supporter of a company, product, service, or idea in order to generate interest in it. Shills are often employed by the company itself, but they can also be hired by third parties to create buzz or support a political agenda. The … Read more

Content curation

Content curation is the process of organizing, managing and storing digital content in a way that makes it easy to find and use. It includes both the technology and the processes used to manage content. Content curation can be used for personal or organizational purposes. Organizations use content curation to manage their digital assets, such … Read more

Cosine wave

A cosine wave is an oscillating electrical signal with a waveform that is identical to the cosine function. Cosine waves are commonly used in electronic signal processing and telecommunications applications. What is cosine wave equation? A cosine wave is a waveform that oscillates between two values at a constant rate. The cosine wave equation is … Read more