Product placement

Product placement is a type of marketing strategy that involves placing a company’s products or services in a prominent location within a film, television show, or other form of media. The goal of product placement is to generate positive exposure for the company’s products or services, and ultimately increase sales. Product placement can be a … Read more

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A whitelist is a list of entities that are considered to be trusted or safe. In the context of the internet, a whitelist is often used to refer to a list of websites or online services that are considered to be safe and trustworthy. Whitelists are often used by internet service providers, web browsers, and … Read more


A Coulomb (abbreviated as “C”) is the SI unit of electric charge. It is named after Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, a French physicist who contributed to the development of the theory of electricity. One Coulomb is equal to the charge of 6.24 x 10^18 electrons. What is meant by 1 coulomb? One coulomb is an SI … Read more