The term “Refresh” is used to describe the process of updating the contents of a computer’s memory. This can be done either manually or automatically. When done manually, the user must tell the computer to update its memory by running a special program or using a command line interface. When done automatically, the computer will … Read more

Social loafing

Social loafing occurs when people are less motivated to put forth effort when working in a group than when working alone. This decrease in motivation is due to the fact that people feel that their individual contribution will not make a difference in the outcome when working in a group. Additionally, people may feel that … Read more

Cloud database

A cloud database is a database that is stored on a remote server and accessed via the internet. This type of database is often used by businesses that have a large amount of data and need to be able to access it from multiple locations. Cloud databases are also often used by businesses that have … Read more