Privacy policy

A privacy policy is a statement or a legal document (in privacy law) that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client’s data. It fulfills a legal requirement to protect a customer or client’s privacy. A privacy policy can be a stand-alone document, or it … Read more


The term “IPlanet” is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. and refers to a family of software products that enable businesses to build and deploy e-commerce and other Internet applications. IPlanet software includes Web servers, application servers, messaging servers, and directory servers. Who is iPlanet? iPlanet was an internet software and service provider that was … Read more


A Tableau is a type of data visualization tool that is used to create interactive, visual representations of data. Tableaus are used to understand and communicate complex data sets and can be used to create both static and interactive visualizations. Tableaus are often used by data analysts and data scientists to explore data, find patterns, … Read more