Cinema pulldown 3:2 (telecine)

The term “Cinema pulldown 3:2 (telecine)” is used to describe a process in which film is converted into a video signal. This process is used to improve the quality of the video signal by reducing artifacts and improving image stability. Which makes use of the 3 2 pull down process? The 3 2 pull down … Read more

Digital pill

A digital pill is a type of pill that contains a sensor that can track whether or not the pill has been taken. The sensor is usually a microchip that is powered by a battery. The microchip can store data such as the date and time the pill was taken and can also transmit this … Read more

Carbon-negative data center

A carbon-negative data center is a data center that not only reduces its own carbon footprint, but also offsets the carbon emissions of other data centers. To offset their emissions, carbon-negative data centers purchase carbon credits or invest in carbon-reduction projects. How much CO2 do data centers emit? Data centers emit a considerable amount of … Read more