Employee productivity

Employee productivity is a measure of the efficiency of employees in a company or organization. It is usually calculated by dividing the total output of a company by the total number of employees. The resulting number can be expressed as a percentage or an average. There are many factors that can affect employee productivity, such … Read more

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Teach box

A teach box is a device used to store and execute a series of commands or instructions. It is typically used in industrial or commercial settings to automate repetitive tasks. What is TeacherTube used for? TeacherTube is a video sharing website similar to YouTube, but with a focus on educational and instructional videos. Teachers can … Read more

Manipulative design

Manipulative design is a design approach that takes advantage of humans’ cognitive biases and tendencies in order to achieve a desired outcome. This approach is often used in marketing and advertising, but can also be found in other fields such as politics and product design. There are many different cognitive biases and tendencies that can … Read more