A chip is a small piece of semiconductor material, typically silicon, on which a integrated circuit is fabricated. Chips are also sometimes referred to as microchips or simply as ICs (integrated circuits). The term “chip” is derived from the fact that early integrated circuits were literally chipped out of larger silicon wafers. Today, chips are … Read more

Network slicing

Network slicing is a technique used to partition a physical network into multiple logical networks. This allows different types of traffic to be isolated from each other on the same physical infrastructure. For example, a network slice could be created for real-time traffic such as video and audio, another slice could be created for latency-sensitive … Read more


The mantle is the outermost layer of a terrestrial-type planet or natural satellite that is defined by its rigid mechanical properties. On Earth, the mantle is a layer of silicate rock between the crust and the outer core. The mantle makes up 83% of Earth’s volume and is composed of silicate rocks that are rich … Read more