A nanowire is a very small wire with a diameter of only a few nanometers. Nanowires are made from a variety of materials including metals, semiconductors, and insulators. They have a number of unique properties due to their small size, including a very large surface area to volume ratio. This makes them ideal for applications … Read more

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

ALPR is a type of software application that is used to automatically read and recognize license plates. This technology is often used by law enforcement agencies in order to track and monitor vehicles. ALPR can be used to track a specific vehicle or to monitor a certain area for suspicious activity. What states use ALPR? … Read more

Peripheral drift illusion

The Peripheral Drift Illusion (PDI) is an optical illusion in which a stationary object appears to move when it is viewed from the corner of the eye. The illusion is created by the movement of the eye itself, as it makes small, involuntary movements called microsaccades. These microsaccades cause the image on the retina to … Read more