Backoff is a type of malware that is used to gain unauthorized access to computer systems. It does this by brute forcing its way into systems by trying to guess the password or other authentication method. Once it gains access, it can then install other malware or steal data. Backoff has been used in attacks … Read more

Voltage reference

A voltage reference is a device that produces a fixed voltage output. Voltage references are used in electronic circuits to provide a known voltage level for other components in the circuit to reference. Voltage references can be used to set the operating voltage of a circuit, to calibrate sensors, or to provide a stable voltage … Read more

Geo-fencing (geofencing)

Geo-fencing is a feature of some GPS tracking devices and mobile phones, which allows them to be configured to alert the user when they enter or leave a certain geographic area. This can be useful for keeping track of employees or family members, or for security purposes. What is the difference between geofencing and geolocation? … Read more