Speculative execution

Speculative execution is an optimization technique used by computer processors to improve performance. The technique involves executing instructions in advance of when they are actually needed. The processor predicts which instructions will be needed next and executes them in advance. If the prediction is correct, the processor can avoid having to fetch the instructions from … Read more

Second Life

Second Life is a three-dimensional virtual world created by Linden Lab, a company based in San Francisco. Users can create avatars, or virtual representations of themselves, and explore the world. They can interact with other users, buy and sell virtual goods, and create and inhabit virtual spaces. The term “Second Life” can refer to the … Read more


A plug-in is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. When a program supports plug-ins, it enables customization. The common examples are the plug-ins used in web browsers to add new features such as search engines and virus scanners. They can also be used to change the look and … Read more


AlphaGo is a machine learning algorithm that was developed by Google DeepMind to play the game of Go. The algorithm was designed to be able to defeat a professional human Go player, and it did so in 2015. How many games has AlphaGo lost? According to the Google DeepMind blog, AlphaGo has lost 5 games … Read more

Book of business

An ERP Book of Business is defined as a collection of master data records that pertain to a specific area of business activity within an enterprise. These records may be related to customers, vendors, products, inventory, financials, etc. The ERP Book of Business is used to support various business processes and transactions within the enterprise. … Read more

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