Quad gate

A quad gate is a digital logic gate that has four inputs and one output. The output of a quad gate is 1 if and only if all four of its inputs are 1. If any of the inputs is 0, the output is 0. Quad gates are used to implement Boolean functions of four … Read more

RZ (return-to-zero)

The term RZ refers to a type of digital signaling in which the signal returns to the zero state between each pulse. This is in contrast to other types of digital signaling, such as NRZ (non-return-to-zero), in which the signal does not return to the zero state between pulses. RZ signaling has the advantage of … Read more

Superstring theory (string theory, Theory of Everything)

Superstring theory is a theory that attempts to explain everything in the universe in terms of one fundamental principle: strings. Strings are tiny particles that vibrate at different frequencies, and each different frequency corresponds to a different particle. For example, the frequency of a string might correspond to a photon, or to a quark, or … Read more