Room-scale VR (room-scale virtual reality)

Room-scale VR is a type of virtual reality technology that allows users to move around in a virtual space. This is usually done by tracking the user’s movements with a special camera or other tracking device. Room-scale VR can be used for a variety of purposes, including gaming, education, and training. How much space do … Read more

Lift and shift

The term “lift and shift” is used to describe a strategy for migrating workloads to the cloud. The idea is to move an existing workload to the cloud without making any changes to the application or infrastructure. This can be done by simply lifting the application and its dependencies from on-premises servers and shifting them … Read more

Dynamic URL

A dynamic URL is a URL that contains variables that are set by the server when the page is requested. These variables can be used to determine what content is displayed on the page. Dynamic URLs can be used to create customized pages for each user, or to display different content based on the user’s … Read more