Satellite constellation (satellite swarm)

A satellite constellation is a group of satellites working together as a team. The term can also refer to a group of satellites in orbit around a planet or star, or a group of satellites working together to provide coverage over a particular area on Earth. What is meant by the term a swarm of … Read more

3D camera

A 3D camera is a camera that is able to capture three-dimensional images. This type of camera is typically used in applications such as 3D printing, gaming, and augmented reality. 3D cameras work by using two or more lenses to capture images from different angles, which are then combined to create a three-dimensional image. What … Read more

WRAN (wireless regional area network)

A wireless regional area network (WRAN) is a type of wireless network that covers a large geographical area, such as a city or a region. WRANs are typically used to provide high-speed Internet access to businesses and homes. WRANs use a variety of technologies to connect their base stations, which are typically located on tall … Read more