Dual Wi-Fi antenna

Dual Wi-Fi antenna is a term used to describe a device that has two Wi-Fi antennas. This can be either two internal antennas or one internal and one external antenna. Dual Wi-Fi antenna devices are often used in devices that need to have a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection, such as routers. What is a … Read more

Amazon Key

Amazon Key is a service that allows customers to securely receive packages from third-party couriers inside their homes. Customers can schedule in-home deliveries from select companies such as Amazon, UPS, and FedEx, and can track the status of their delivery in real-time. The service uses a combination of smart locks, cameras, and the customer’s Amazon … Read more

M2M economy (machine-to-machine economy)

M2M economy (machine-to-machine economy) is a term used to describe the economic activity generated by the growing number of interconnected devices that are able to communicate with each other. This includes everything from industrial machines to consumer devices such as cars, appliances, and wearable devices. The M2M economy is still in its early stages, but … Read more

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