Dopamine-driven feedback loop

A dopamine-driven feedback loop is a process whereby the release of dopamine in the brain leads to a feedback loop that further increases dopamine release. This can lead to a spiral of increasing dopamine release that can eventually lead to addiction. Is dopamine a negative feedback loop? No, dopamine is not a negative feedback loop. … Read more

Traveling-wave tube (TWT)

A traveling-wave tube (TWT) is an electron tube that is used to amplify electromagnetic waves. The wave is “travelling” through the tube, and the tube amplifies the wave. TWTs are used in microwave transmitters and radar systems. The wave is generated by an electron beam that is passed through a series of magnets. The magnets … Read more

Foot squared (square foot)

A square foot is a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one foot on each side. It is commonly used in the construction and real estate industries to measure the area of a room, building, or piece of land. How many feet is 1 square feet? One square foot is equivalent to … Read more