Impact-based advertising

Impact-based advertising is a type of advertising that focuses on creating a positive impact on the viewer, rather than simply delivering a message. This type of advertising is often used to promote social or environmental causes. Impact-based advertising can be very effective in raising awareness and motivating people to take action. What is high impact … Read more

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A browser is a software application for accessing information on the World Wide Web. When you open your browser, you are directed to a home page, which is typically the home page of your Internet service provider. From there, you can type in a URL to access a specific website. Alternatively, you can click on … Read more


Hardcode is a term used to describe a programming practice whereby certain values are statically written into the source code of a program, rather than being read from an external input source. This can be done for convenience, or because the value is not expected to change during the lifetime of the program. However, hardcoding … Read more

Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD)

Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) is a service that delivers a complete, cloud-based desktop experience for enterprise customers. MMD provides customers with a secure, always-up-to-date desktop that includes Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, enterprise-grade security, and 24/7 support from Microsoft. What is Microsoft Windows desktop management? Microsoft Windows desktop management refers to the process of managing … Read more