When programming, scratch refers to starting from nothing or starting from a very basic level. Scratch programming is a type of programming where you start with a blank page and build up from there. This is in contrast to starting with a pre-existing framework or library. Why is it called Scratch? The name “Scratch” was … Read more

Empirical analysis

Empirical analysis is a type of research that relies on data that is collected from experiments or observations. This data is then used to draw conclusions about a particular topic. Empirical analysis is often used in fields such as economics, sociology, and psychology. Correspondingly, how do you perform an empirical analysis? When you want to … Read more


Timeboxing is a scheduling technique whereby a fixed amount of time is allocated for each task in a project. This time period is known as a “time box.” Timeboxing is typically used in agile software development, as it can help to ensure that tasks are completed within a set timeframe and that deadlines are met. … Read more

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