FUBAR stands for “Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition” and is used to describe a situation that is beyond repair. What is FUBAR in Saving Private Ryan? FUBAR is an acronym for “Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition”. The term is commonly used to describe a situation that is beyond repair or hope. Was FUBAR used in … Read more

Fourier series

A Fourier series is a mathematical series that uses sinusoidal functions to approximate periodic functions. It is named after French mathematician and physicist Joseph Fourier, who introduced the concept in the early 19th century. Fourier series are used in many engineering applications, such as signal processing, to approximate periodic signals with a finite number of … Read more

Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is an industry-supported consortium that promotes the adoption of the Industrial Internet. The consortium’s members include leading companies in the industrial, technology, and academic sectors. The IIC’s mission is to accelerate the development, adoption, and commercialization of the Industrial Internet by identifying, assembling, and promoting technology standards and best practices. … Read more