Zadara Storage

Zadara Storage is a storage administration company that provides software-defined storage solutions. Their flagship product is the Zadara Storage Array, a high-performance storage system that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Zadara Storage also offers a variety of other storage solutions, including backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and file sharing.

What is zCompute?

zCompute is a storage virtualization software that enables you to pool together and manage your physical storage resources as a single, centralized resource. zCompute supports both block-based storage (i.e. Fibre Channel and iSCSI) and file-based storage (i.e. NFS and CIFS). With zCompute, you can create virtual storage arrays from your physical storage resources, and then provision and manage those arrays as if they were physical arrays. zCompute also provides you with the ability to replicate your data across multiple physical storage arrays for added protection and redundancy.

What is Infinidat storage?

Infinidat is a data storage company that was founded in 2011. The company provides both on-premises and cloud-based storage solutions. Infinidat's flagship product is InfiniBox, a high-density storage system that is designed for enterprise data centers. InfiniBox uses a modular design that allows it to scale to over 1 petabyte of storage capacity. The system is also designed for high availability, with Infinidat claiming a 99.99999% uptime guarantee.