SynchML is a set of XML standards for synchronization of data between disparate systems. It was developed by the SyncML Initiative, a now-defunct consortium of companies including IBM, Lotus, Nokia, and Palm.

The SyncML Initiative was formed in 1999 in response to the need for a standard synchronization protocol that would work across a variety of devices and platforms. The standards were developed over a period of several years and were approved by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 2003.

SyncML defines a set of XML tags and attributes that can be used to represent any kind of data that needs to be synchronized. This includes things like calendar entries, contact information, email messages, and task lists. SyncML also defines a set of rules for how this data should be exchanged between systems.

The SyncML standards are designed to be extensible, so that they can be used to sync data from any kind of system, not just computers and mobile devices. For example, SyncML can also be used to sync data between two databases, or between a database and a spreadsheet.

The SyncML standards are now maintained by the Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), an international standards body. What is SyncML Client? SyncML Client refers to a software application that is capable of synchronizing data with a SyncML server. SyncML is a protocol that allows for the synchronization of data between devices, and is typically used in mobile devices such as phones and tablets. A SyncML Client will typically be able to synchronize data such as contacts, calendar entries, and email messages.

What is syncmlservice service android?

The SyncML service on Android is a service that enables synchronization of data between Android devices and SyncML-compliant servers. SyncML (Synchronization Markup Language) is a standard for data synchronization that is supported by a number of vendors and products.

What is CmdID?

The CmdID is a unique identifier used to identify a specific command within a software application. It is typically used to issue commands to an application or to trigger specific actions within the application.

The CmdID can be used to issue commands to an application through a command-line interface (CLI), or it can be used to trigger specific actions within the application through an application programming interface (API). The CmdID is typically assigned to a specific command or action when the application is first created, and it remains unchanged throughout the lifetime of the application.

The CmdID is a unique identifier, and as such, it is often used to track and log specific commands or actions within an application. This can be useful for debugging purposes, or for auditing the use of an application. What is SyncML service? SyncML is a standard for synchronizing data between devices. It is typically used to synchronize a user's contacts, calendar, and email.

What is Microsoft OMA?

Microsoft Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) is a non-profit consortium that develops open standards for the mobile industry. Its members include mobile operators, device manufacturers, software companies, and content providers. OMA's standards are designed to provide a consistent user experience across devices and platforms, and to enable the development of new applications and services.