SOAP fault

SOAP fault is an error message that is generated when there is a problem with the SOAP message. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as an invalid XML element, a missing required element, or an invalid value.

How are errors handled in SOAP?

When a SOAP message is sent, the sender includes a message id. The receiver responds to the message with the same id. If the receiver does not receive a response with the correct message id, it will assume that an error has occurred and will handle the error accordingly. How does spring boot handle SOAP fault exception? Spring boot will handle a SOAP fault exception by logging the exception and returning a SOAP fault message to the client. Is fault a mandatory element in SOAP envelope? No, fault is not a mandatory element in SOAP envelope. However, it is recommended to include a fault element in a SOAP envelope in order to provide information about errors that may have occurred during the processing of a SOAP message.

What is fault in WSDL?

Fault in WSDL is an element that is used to describe error conditions that can occur when invoking a web service operation. A fault element is associated with a particular operation and contains information about the error, such as a description of the error, and the XML element name and type of the error.

How do I set the SOAP fault code in Java?

SOAP faults are used to indicate error conditions when processing SOAP messages. A SOAP fault element is used to convey error information within a SOAP message. The SOAP fault element is a child element of the SOAP Body element. A SOAP fault element MUST contain one or more Detail subelements.

The following is a simple example of a SOAP fault:


The message was incorrectly formed


A SOAP Fault element MUST contain a Code subelement. The Code subelement is used to indicate the fault code. The fault code is a QName. The value of the fault code MUST be one of the following:

SOAP-ENV:Client - The message was incorrectly formed

SOAP-ENV:Server - An internal error occurred

SOAP-ENV:MustUnderstand - An immediate child element of the SOAP Header element, with the mustUnderstand attribute set to "1", was not understood

SOAP-ENV:VersionMismatch - The SOAP Envelope namespace URI found in the SOAP Header did not match the expected value

The following is an example of a SOAP fault with a code subelement:


An internal error occurred

In addition to the Code subelement, a SOAP Fault element MAY