Slot 1

A slot is a socket or opening in a computer where a circuit board or other hardware device can be inserted. The term "slot 1" refers to a physical and electrical specification for the connection of a CPU to a motherboard. The slot 1 specification was introduced by Intel in 1997 and was used for its Pentium II and Pentium III CPUs. Slot 1 was replaced by the slot A specification for AMD's Athlon CPUs. What is socket and slot? A socket is a physical interface between a computer and a network. A slot is a logical interface between a computer and a peripheral device. What does SECC in SECC form factor stand for? SECC stands for "Single Edge Contact Cartridge". It is a type of CPU socket used on PC motherboards. When did the Pentium 2 come out? The Pentium 2 was released in 1997.

What are the types of slots?

There are three types of slots:

1. ISA slots: These are the oldest type of slots, and they are not used in modern computers.
2. PCI slots: These are found in most modern computers.
3. AGP slots: These are found in some computers, and they are used for graphics cards.

What is a slot used for? A slot is a physical connector on a computer or other device into which a circuit board or other module can be inserted. Slots provide expansion capabilities for computers and other devices by providing a way to add or replace components and peripherals.