PLUGE pattern (picture line-up generation equipment pattern)

The PLUGE pattern is a test pattern used to adjust the black level and contrast of a display device. The pattern consists of a series of black and white bars, with the black bars being of progressively darker shades. The white bars are used as a reference point, and the user adjusts the black level until the darkest black bar is barely visible.


The PLUGE test is a method of calibrating a display device to ensure that it is displaying the proper levels of black and white. The test consists of three vertical bars, a black bar, a gray bar, and a white bar. The black and white bars should appear as black and white, and the gray bar should appear as a shade of gray in between the two. If the gray bar appears too dark or too light, then the display device is not properly calibrated and needs to be adjusted.

How do you use a pluge?

A pluge, or picture line-up generator, is a device used to line up the horizontal and vertical scan lines on a television so that the picture is correctly displayed. To use a pluge, first make sure that the power is turned off to the TV. Then, connect the pluge to the TV's antenna input. Next, turn on the power to the TV and the pluge. The pluge will generate a test pattern that you can use to line up the scan lines on the TV. To do this, use the horizontal and vertical controls on the TV to adjust the position of the picture until the scan lines are lined up correctly. Once the picture is lined up, you can turn off the power to the pluge and the TV will continue to display the picture correctly. What is TV rainbow screen called? The TV rainbow screen is caused by a connection problem between the video input and the TV. The video input may be loose, the TV may be damaged, or the video input may be malfunctioning.

How do you read a Smpte pattern?

A Smpte pattern is a digital code that is used to synchronize audio and video signals. It is typically used in professional settings, such as recording studios and post-production facilities.

There are several different ways to read a Smpte pattern. One common method is to use a device called a Smpte reader. This device converts the Smpte code into a format that can be read by a computer or other electronic device.

Another way to read a Smpte pattern is to use an oscilloscope. This method is often used in conjunction with a Smpte reader, as it can provide a more detailed view of the signal.

Finally, some software programs can also read Smpte patterns. These programs typically have a special interface that allows them to read the code. Can you use a plunge router for edges? Yes, you can use a plunge router for edges. Plunge routers are specially designed for routing precise, clean edges on wood and other materials.